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Intel® Network Builders Newsletter
    May 2020
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What's New?

What's New?

Intel® Network Builders University Launches New Three New Courses

Intel Network Builders University is excited to announce the addition of three new courses to our Management and Orchestration program. The courses cover various container and network transformation topics related to Kubernetes and cloud native packet processing.

More about the Intel Network Builders University

There are more than 222 courses available across five languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese & Korean), with new content released each month. The online portion of the university is available to Intel® Network Builders program members through a simple registration here and for the public here. Intel Network Builders University is one of three learning centers in Intel® Builders, which also includes the Intel® Data Center Builders University and Intel® AI Academy. Registrants have access to content in both learning centers.

Please take a look and after exploring the offerings, let us know what content you would like to see added to the university.



Containers reference Architecture

The Container Bare Metal Kubernetes Reference Architecture available for you here eases and accelerates development, trials and early-deployment of Cloud Native solutions. This new version of the Kubernetes Reference Architecture (Release v1.8) supports latest Kubernetes-networking developments and has been updated to include new technologies such as: Telemetry Aware Scheduling, Topology Manager, Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) and Bond Container Networking Interface (CNI). In addition, the RA provides configuration and installation playbook, which enables quick automated deployments.



New Experience Kits!

We are inviting you to explore a new set of Network Transformation and Container Experience Kits now available on: INB Network Transformation Experience Kits site and INB Containers Experience Kits site. These Experience Kits guide you through the enablement of valuable system capabilities needed for the Network Transformation and Cloud Native Adoption. The kits include Technology Briefs, Solution Briefs, User Guides and Training videos that allow rapid technology learning.



Intel® Select Solutions

IEI’s PUZZLE-IN004-XD1 an Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE for CentOS

With the PUZZLE-IN004-XD1 now verified as an Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE for CentOS, IEI is delivering a differentiated platform with validated software from an ecosystem of a large number of tested and optimized virtual network functions (VNFs). This helps CommSPs get to market quickly and deliver new services to enterprises and small businesses.

Learn more



NEXCOM’s NSA 7146 for NFVI Forwarding Platform

NSA 7146 is now a verified Intel® Select Solutions for NFVI Forwarding Platform that provides high-performance computing for virtualization applications. By deploying on network infrastructure, it also delivers flexibility and high reliability. The NSA 7146 is your best choice as your network’s building block to meet the challenges of the 5G future.

Learn more



Member Support now available through the Intel® Network Builder website!

Once you login to the website you will now see a floating blue Member Support button on the lower right of your browser window. Simply click that button and be taken to the page for you to get support on all your Network Builder needs, both technical and marketing.



Welcome to Our New Ecosystem Partners and End Users

With more than 300 ecosystem partners, the Intel® Network Builders program continues to grow! We welcome new ecosystem partners: Kaloom, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, and Teradici.

To see all of our members, visit the Ecosystem Partners page, the Network Edge Ecosystem page, and the End User Members page on our website.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

Wipro Provides High Value Asset Surveillance Edge Analytics

Wipro High Value Asset Surveillance (HVAS) solution provides edge analytics to enable real-time response to crime or theft of high value assets (HVA). The solution utilizes OpenNESS.

Read the Paper



Using vBNG for 5G and FTTH Network Demands

To demonstrate the performance of a virtualized BNG solution, Intel and netElastic jointly tested the netElastic virtual broadband network gateway (vBNG) on an Intel® Select Solution for NFVI Forwarding Platform. The testing showed that it is possible to achieve performance ranging between 270 Gbps and 380 Gbps, depending on packet size, while maintaining 0.001% packet loss.

Read the Paper



Intelligent Traffic Management Edge Analytics

Wipro Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) provides edge analytics to enable real-time traffic monitoring. The solution utilizes OpenNESS.

Read the Paper



Producing Live 8K, 360-Degree Streaming Media Events

This white paper delves into a prime example of the rich new media technologies and services, exploring how the Visual Cloud can enable live 8K, 360-degree media streaming. It discusses how content, service, and cloud providers, as well as other players, can produce 8K VR live streaming media events without streaming more than 4K worth of pixels. It also examines the value that next-gen platforms promise to bring to all players in the video streaming chain.

Read the Paper



Parallel Wireless to Provide Connectivity in Ghana

GIFEC, a Universal Access Service Fund (UASF), selected Parallel Wireless OpenRAN to provide mobile telephony connectivity to underserved and unserved communities in Ghana and is set to enable deployment of 2,000 OpenRAN sites.

Learn more



QCT Accelerates Cloud-native Transformation with Intel® EPA

QCT is now offering a pre-validated container platform - QxStack with Cloud Native Platform. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution is built on and validated on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform and Kubernetes Platform to ensure high-throughput, low-latency, and high interoperability and agility in workload orchestration. Strengthened with the adoption of Intel® EPA technology, QCT QxStack with Cloud-Native Platform also achieves exceptional network performance and service stability in all stages of new technology implementation to accelerate cloud-native transformation at minimized expenses.

Learn more


Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community have included podcasts from ASOCS, Astri, Nearby Computing, Pivot Technology Services and Supermicro.

Don't miss these webinars on the Intel® Network Builders webinar channel:

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS): Transforming the Enterprise Network Services Marketplace, with Ofer Farkash, Products and Solutions Marketing Manager at Amdocs upcoming on June 10

The Intelligent Edge – Scaling Resilient Virtualized Services with Edge Analytics, with Brian Lappin, Head of uCPE Product Management at BT; Matt Olson, Global Telecom, Media, and Technology Strategist at Splunk; Bill McDonald, Segment Manager for the Enterprise Edge / uCPE at Intel upcoming on May 19

IO-optimized Architecture from Dell: CDN and High-Performance Storage, with Robert Tung, Dell PowerEdge; Tushar Gohad, Intel CDN/Storage; Nash Kleppan, Intel CDN/Storage; upcoming on May 15

Which Form Factor for an SD-WAN Appliance, with Marc Bouteyre, Head of Virtualization at Ekinops upcoming on May 12

Elastic Security for Business Continuity, with Stefan Brodin, Commercial Solutions Manager at Clavister, upcoming on May 8

Open from Edge to Cloud, with Steven Hwang, Executive Director, Sales Enablement; PJ Lin, Technical Software Manager; and Ted Pang, Executive Director, Software Development at Wiwynn

Changing the Mobile Networks Economics with Parallel Wireless OpenRAN, with Zahid Ghadialy, Sr. Director, Strategic Marketing; Amit Miron, Sr. Director, Product Management; and Jason Tiner, Sales Engineer at Parallel Wireless

Enabling Vendor Agnostic Disaggregated WiFi Orchestration, with Nazneen Shaikh, Founder at Sanctum Networks




Join the Conversation on Twitter

Intel® Network Builders offers a variety of online options for you to reach out to fellow ecosystem members between events. Follow our new Twitter handle: @Intel5GNetworks on Twitter* or use the Intel Network Builders hashtag, #IntelBuilders. You can also follow industry leaders from Intel via their Twitter handles.

– Renu Navale, General Manager, Edge Computing and Ecosystem Enabling (ECEE), Network Platforms Group – @RenuNavale

– Dan Rodriguez, Vice President, Data Center Group, General Manager, Network Compute Division – @DanRod2000

– Jeni Panhorst, Vice President, Data Platforms Group and General Manager, Network & Edge Platforms Division – @jeni_p

– Tony Dempsey, Intel Network Builders Ecosystem, Marketing & Operations Manager – @tonydempc

– Allyson Klein, Director of Marketing, Data Center Group – @TechAllyson

– Lisa Spelman, Vice President and General Manager, Intel Xeon Products and Data Center Marketing – @LisaSpelman

– Cristina Rodriguez, Vice President, Data Center Group and General Manager, Wireless Access Network Division – @CristinaR_5G

– Rajesh Gadiyar, Vice President, Network Platforms Group and General Manager Architecture & Systems Engineering – @rgadiyar

– Caroline Chan, Vice President, Network Platforms Group, and General Manager, Network Business Incubator Division – @CarolineChan5G

– Alex Quach, General Manager of Wireline and Wireless Core Networks Division – @QuachAlexander

– Lynn Comp, Vice President, Network Platforms Group, and General Manager, Visual Cloud Division – @comp_lynn

– Jim St. Leger, Technology Marketing Manager – @JimStLeger

– Brian Aherne, Senior Director of Network Platforms and Systems – @aherne_brian

– Bob Ghaffari, General Manager, Data Center / Network Platforms Group – @BobGhaffari

– Bryan Madden, Marketing Director – @maddsey

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