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Intel® Network Builders Newsletter
   NOVEMBER 2015
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What's New?
What's New?

Intel® Network Builders Fast Track—Delivering Full Value of NFV Solutions

Lynn Comp

The desired vision of NFV—and what service providers tell us they need and want—is to be able to quickly assemble new systems allowing them to offer new services from best-of-breed components and to enhance existing services quickly by incorporating optimized functions from a variety of ecosystem partners. To do that, each element of an integrated solution must seamlessly plug and play when combined into systems.

That means proven solution optimization, integration, and interoperability are required across stack layers and across the network, and that's what the recently announced Intel® Network Builders Fast Track program is focused on. Read more in this blog post by Lynn Comp, Director of Market Development Organization, Network Platforms Group, Intel.



Video: Accelerating Network Transformation

Lynn Comp, Director of Market Development Organization, Network Platforms Group, Intel, explains the Intel® Network Builders Fast Track initiative and how it will help deliver the promise of network transformation in a new video.

A fully integrated telecommunications cloud offers service providers a path to new opportunities, new services, and new business. The Intel Network Builders Fast Track initiative is accelerating network transformation to address three main pain points for partners: optimization, integration, and interoperability.



New Partners, New Partner Directory

We welcome our new partners who have recently joined our ecosystem, taking our count to over 180! We're looking forward to great collaborations with Allot Communications, Big Switch Networks, Federated Wireless, Lucera, NGINX, SURF Communication Solutions, Vanu, and Yotta Communications.

To view our partners, please visit our Ecosystem Partners Page.



Webinar: How Will the Cloud-Ready Network Transform Your Business?

Sandra Rivera

Communications service providers are priming their networks for the digital wave of next-generation data-rich applications, connected devices, and cloud services.

Join a live webcast on November 9 with Sandra Rivera, a Vice President of the Data Center Group and General Manager of the Network Platforms Group at Intel, to learn more about how Intel is actively driving the industry’s transition to cloud-ready communications networks. Sandra will share news about solutions Intel is bringing to the market for carrier-grade applications that span from device to the network edge.

Sandra will be joined by guest speakers from leading ecosystem players in the telecommunications industry, who will share perspectives on how new technologies for network transformation will reshape the networks of the future.


Technology Spotlight
Technology Spotlight

Intel® ONP Server Release 1.5 Is Now Available

The latest release of the Intel® Open Network Platform Server is now available and ready for download. Intel ONP Server is a reference architecture that can ease and expedite the development of SDN and NFV software solutions. It is aimed to be used in trials, POCs, and demos. Over 12x performance improvement is achieved using Open vSwitch (OvS)* with DPDK vs. the native kernel-based OvS (256B packets; Phy-VM-Phy configuration).[1] This improvement opens the door for customers to build an infrastructure with a performant open virtual switch. Intel ONP Server Release 1.5 introduces a software stack that is based on well-integrated SDN and NFV open source ingredients and shows incremental improvements in stability and manageability over its predecessor, Intel ONP Server Release 1.4. For the brief on this release, see the Intel ONP Server Release 1.5 Data Sheet on Intel® Network Builders.

Visit 01.org and to evaluate Intel ONP Server Release 1.5 software for best-in-class network functions virtualization infrastructure. On the same page, you will find release notes that describe the new features introduced and a complete performa nce benchmark report that will familiarize you with the latest data plane performance gains achieved on Intel® Xeon® processors.

[1] See Intel ONP Server Release 1.5 Performance Test Report on 01.org.

The following table provides links to additional resources for Intel ONP.

DPDK 2.2 Progress

The DPDK 2.2 release is in the final stages of development and is on track for delivery late in Q4. The latest milestone that was successfully hit was the deadline for v1 patches for new features by October 2. The release is currently in an open source community review period, during which features are reviewed by the community and updated. It will then move into a testing and bug fix cycle before the final release is completed. The high-level milestones and planned features for the release can be found on the DPDK Roadmap web page.

Some of the key features targeted at this release are:

To learn more about DPDK, contact admin@dpdk.org.

Intel and NGINX* Work to Optimize the Performance of the World's Most Popular Open Source Web Server for High Traffic Sites

Intel and NGINX* are readying deployable technologies to improve the performance of NGINX Plus, offering web serving, proxying, acceleration, and load balancing capabilities for both HTTP-based and TCP-based.

As an initial deliverable, Intel has made available two patches to the open source version of NGINX to increase security processing by the application. The first improves SSL termination performance for NGINX through the use of Intel® QuickAssist Technology. The second, created jointly by Intel and the OpenSSL Foundation,* increases security performance with new OpenSSL Asynchronous extensions. The patches are available here.

NGINX plans to integrate these same security enhancements in support of its commercial customers in NGINX Plus. There is also good progress on the joint investigation into combining OpenSSL Asynchronous with a User Space TCP/IP Stack built with the Data Plane Development Kit for use in a future NGINX release.

Now Available: Hyperscan Pattern-Matching Open Source Software on 01.org

Scanning data against a database of patterns to detect and flag malware is the critical function at the heart of most security applications. To drive performance and scaling, this technology has typically relied on purpose-built or dedicated hardware: a design approach that often leads to complex development and high product costs. In fact, the industry is rapidly moving away from costly, fixed-function nodes to scalable software-driven architectures using NFV and SDN.

Hyperscan pattern-matching software, which is now open sourced and available on Intel's 01.org, is an ideal pattern-matching solution for both fixed-function and virtualized security applications. The library provides a highly flexible and scalable content inspection capability, with optimized performance that scales linearly on a per core/thread basis on the Intel® architecture.

Hyperscan is ideal for resource intensive applications that need to scan large amounts of data at high speed, such as Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Antivirus (AV), Unified Threat Management (UTM), and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) systems. It is designed to run on Intel® Atom® and Intel® Xeon® processors, on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems, as well as supporting most operating systems and distributions. You can access the software on 01.org.

For more information about Hyperscan, visit this page and listen to a recent podcast featuring Sab Gosal, Segment Manager of the Communication Infrastructure Division at Intel, on SoundCloud or The Hub.

Intel Steps Toward 5G with Mobile Edge Computing, Sponsors MEC Congress 2015

Intel is proud to have sponsored the inaugural Mobile Edge Computing Congress in London at the end of September. The MEC Congress is a great annual forum for MEC thought leaders to network and discuss the latest advancements in MEC technology. Intel and Intel® Network Builders partners are taking the lead on 5G technology. Intel is helping its partners develop services at the edge of the network. Intel technologies are designed to help MEC solutions efficiently leverage proximity and real-time data to improve the quality of experience and better meet the increasing demands of end users.

This year at MEC Congress 2015, Intel also featured a demo by Intel Network Builders partner ACS*: their Smart Perimeter* solution. Smart Perimeter was built by leveraging software from the Intel Network Builders ecosystem and provides locally provisioned voice, data, and video services to a small-cell-enabled client. The many benefits include additional revenue streams, improved coverage, and a significantly faster time-to-market, all while reducing the cost of small cell deployment.

Other Intel Network Builders partners in attendance at MEC Congress 2015 included Advantech, Akamai, Amdocs, Ciena, Cisco, Huawei, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Quortus, Saguna, Sandvine, SpiderCloud Wireless, Vasona Networks, and ZTE.*

Read more about how you can step closer to 5G with MEC.

OpenSSL* Webinar

In this webinar, "When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take the Well-Worn Path," Intel and the OpenSSL Foundation* discuss how OpenSSL can be used to increase your security performance for your enterprise, cloud, hyper-converged system, or content delivery network while improving your product efficiency with integrations of technologies such as the Intel® QuickAssist Technology.

Watch the webinar here. (A free BrightTalk account is required.)


Partner News & Collaboration
Partner News & Collaboration

Thanks for Attending Our Events

This October, the Intel® Network Builders ecosystem presence was felt worldwide through speakerships, demo opportunities, and networking engagements at industry events. Below is a recap of our activities. Thank you for joining us.



Get Involved! Intel® Network Builders Future Events

Mark your calendar and don't miss out on future engagement opportunities through our event series. Enjoy technical and executive training and networking opportunities that will help forge your future business alliances.



Partner Summit: Huawei* Cloud Congress

The fifth annual Huawei* Cloud Congress (HCC) was held in September in Shanghai. This year Huawei upgraded HCC from an enterprise business group event to a corporate event covering both enterprise and communications service providers business groups. HCC2015 attracted 10,000+ attendees from more than 80 countries, with over 200 speaker sessions.

With the vision of "Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile," the congress focused on the ideas of transforming with cloud. Eric Xu, rotating CEO of Huawei, emphasized that Huawei is committed to building an open cloud ecosystem that enables partners to develop cloud solutions for different verticals (including telecommunication).

At the event, Huawei unveiled its latest cloud computing products and solutions. A number of these are based on Intel® technologies, including the following:

Intel was present at HCC2015 with a special video on collaboration between Intel and Huawei by Sandra Rivera, a Vice President in the Data Center Group and General Manager of the Network Platforms Group, as well as demonstrations and a number of session speakers.

For more information, visit the HCC2015 website.




ADI Engineering*

ADI, a provider of custom embedded communications and networking products based on Intel® architecture, is now being acquired by Silicom Ltd.* for $10 million. This is expected to close during Q4 2015.
Learn More


ALTEN Calsoft Labs*

Norwegian gigabit broadband pioneer Bayonette* partners with ALTEN Calsoft Labs to develop the industry's first virtual customer-premises equipment (vCPE) solution based on Linux* containers. Bayonette vHome is making use of ALTEN Calsoft Labs' vCPE framework, which is using DPDK. Production deployment of the platform will commence in December.
Learn More


Ciena Blue Planet*

Ciena has announced new, container-based micro-services architecture for Blue Planet suite.
Learn More


ConteXtream, an HP Company*

ConteXtream has demonstrated 1 Tbps throughput with 1B OpenFlow* rules on a software switch cluster.
Learn More


Juniper Networks*

AT&T* is enhancing the Network on Demand* platform through its relationship with Juniper Networks. The first deployment will be a software-based appliance and will run multiple virtual functions on one device.
Learn More


NEC* and NetCracker*

NEC and NetCracker announced that Etisalat UAE* has successfully completed a series of comprehensive vCPE trials. The vCPE solution was provided through NEC and NetCracker.
Learn More


Procera Networks*

Procera Networks' ScoreCard* won the LTE Asia Awards 2015 in the category of Best Test/Measurement Solution in October.
Learn More



Sandvine has achieved 1.1 Tbps of NFV throughput with the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch Virtual Series.*


Upcoming Opportunities
Upcoming Opportunities

Visit The Hub for the Latest Partner News

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit The Hub. Recent contributions from our community have included the following:

Webinar: "Reduce Costs & Optimize Infrastructure with Intelligent, VNF Workload Placement," with George Hamilton, VP of Product Marketing at RIFT

Webinar: "Real-World NFV Use Cases for Scalable Application Delivery Control & Security," with Louis Scialabba, Director of Carrier Solutions Marketing at Radware

Podcast: "Driving Better Analytics into Core Networks," with Bill Beckett, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Saisei

Podcast: "The Search for Simplicity in Networking," with Matt Rosenberg, VP of Global Sales at NetNumber



Register Today! Designing and Deploying Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

The International Wireless Industry Consortium* (IWPC) and Intel are hosting an interactive workshop concerning Designing and Deploying Mobile Edge Computing for IWPC members on November 9 and 10 in San Jose, California. This event is open to Infrastructure Thrust, mmWave Thrust, or full IWPC Members (non-members, please contact IWPC for details).

This workshop will consider the logistical implications when deploying Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and how MEC would integrate within network operators' mobile broadband strategies. The workshop will discuss use cases and global market opportunity to MEC, while considering benefits, trade-offs, and the impact of MEC on legacy networks and evolving architectures.

Learn more about this IWPC informative workshop hosted by Intel. Due to overwhelming interest and a 100-person limit, register and book your hotel today! To learn more about IWPC membership, please visit the IWPC website.


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