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Intel® Network Builders Newsletter
    MAY 2018
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What's New?

What's New?

Intel® Network Builders Program Expands to Focus on Network Edge Transformation

At last month's Intel® Network Builders summit, the program announced an exciting new initiative: the Network Edge Ecosystem. As an integral part of the broader Intel Network Builders program, this initiative aims to facilitate partners' access to tested and optimized solutions for network edge and cloud environments. Spanning across multiple verticals, the Network Edge Ecosystem highlights the industry leaders driving the development, deployment, and adoption of edge-centric technologies.

Learn more in this blog post from Chandresh Ruparel, Director of Ecosystem Strategy and Intel Network Builders.



Register Now for Intel® Network Builders Innovation Summit

This exclusive summit—held in conjunction with Network Virtualization Europe, Madrid—will bring together a mixture of keynotes and panel discussions exploring the solutions that are truly accelerating the transformation of the network from end to end. Intel Network Builders partners are invited to attend the day 0 summit free of charge. To register for day 0 only, please register here and check the Intel Network Builders Summit box at registration. To attend the entire conference, register here and use the code NVE50 to get a 50 percent discount.

Date: May 22
Location: Madrid
Find out more on our event page.



Intel® Network Builders Introduces New Courses, My University

The Intel® Network Builders University uses user feedback to develop new curricula and coursework and to improve functionality. Thank you to everyone who has provided their insights. We are pleased to announce this month four new courses on recommended topics and exciting new enhancements to the user experience with the addition of My University.




New Courses

Cloud Native for Communications Service Providers: Learn about the virtual network functions (VNFs) transformation stages and the difference between client and cloud. You will also gain insights into enablement capabilities towards cloud native.

Edge Computing for Communications Service Providers: This introduction to an important industry topic covers edge computing, including the definition, business models, use cases, and platforms.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Infrastructure Hardware Configurations: Gain insights on hardware configurations per virtual network function (VNF) workload category, data plane VNF workloads, and cost and revenue modeling.

Network Transformation Design Principles and Impact to Processes and Organizations: This course will introduce network functions virtualization (NFV) deployment and maturity model. The instructor also discusses changes in communications service providers' structures that accompany the introduction of NFV, like changes in structure of departments and organizational units and their responsibilities.




My University

My University offers new functionalities for Intel Network Builders University users. Once you log in to the university, you should see the new My University button on the right side of your page. Click on that to find the following features.

– Active Courses: This new feature is the first tab within your personalized My University section. This tracks all of your completed courses and saves all of the videos (chapters) you have started but not finished. Use this to easily track your progress and quickly return to material you have not completed.

– Saved Courses: With 127 courses in the university, it can be hard to remember which of the courses you want to take or return to. Now you can save the courses you are interested in and have them easily accessible in your personalized space. Select all of the topics and courses you want and take them at your convenience. Additionally you can use this space to save your favorite courses or chapters so it is easy to return to them at any time.

– Recommendations: As your dive deeper into the university, our system will be able to recommend courses based on your topic interests and newly available material. Check this area of your personalized experience to see what is new.

– Learning Pathway: Do you want to progress across topic areas in the curriculum with courses that build on each other and advance in technical depth and complexity? A learning pathway is a sequence of courses that allows the learner to progress through the content according to their skill level. The administrator has set up the pathways based on content difficulty so you can progress in desired domains or topics based on your level of expertise.

– Custom Pathway: Intel Network Builders now offers account-based customer pathways. This allows a partner company to create a specific curriculum that is restricted to only their employees. Additionally, accounts can create multiple custom pathways for different types of internal users (e.g., sales, engineering, operations, etc.). If your administrator has created a custom pathway for your organization, a custom pathway tab will appear in your My University section. This is a great way to leverage the content available in the university as an integrated learning tool within your organization's educational efforts. If you are interested in development of a custom pathway, please contact your account representative. If you are not sure who that is, please reach out to contact@networkbuilders.intel.com.

The Intel Network Builders University has 127 courses available across four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese). Check back regularly to see the content being added each month.

The online portion of the university is available to all Intel Network Builders program members and the public through a simple registration here. Intel Network Builders University is one of three learning centers in Intel® Builders University, which also includes the Intel® Cloud Builders University and Intel® Storage Builders University. Registrants have access to all of the content in the three learning centers.

Please take a look, and after exploring the offerings, let us know what content you would like to see added to the university.



Welcome Our New Ecosystem Partners and End Users

With more than 300 ecosystem partners, the Intel® Network Builders program continues to grow! We welcome new partners Industrial Technology Research Institute,* nablet,* Rebaca Technologies,* VoerEir AB,* VT iDirect, Inc.,* Yunshan Networks.*

To see all our ecosystem members, visit the Ecosystem Partners page and the End User Members page on our website.


Technical Spotlight

Technical Spotlight

Lightweight Virtualized Containers for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

This article breaks down container management systems and describes how they interact with virtual machines in systems such as Intel® Clear Containers and the upcoming Kata Containers* project. It also explains how NFV support is built into these systems via the virtcontainers library.

Read the Article



Build a Fast Network Stack with Vector Packet Processing (VPP) on an Intel® Architecture-Based Server

Learn how to install the FD.io* Vector Packet Processing (VPP) package and build a packet forwarding engine on a bare metal Intel® Xeon® processor-based server. Generate traffic using iperf3* and Cisco's TRex* traffic generator.

Read the Tutorial



Why and How to Replace Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) with Hyperscan

Hyperscan is a high performance, multi-pattern regular expression matching library. This article contrasts Hyperscan and PCRE features and performance, then shows how to replace PCRE with Hyperscan in a typical scenario.

Read the Article




This year's DPDK Summit PRC will take place on June 28 in the China National Convention Center, Beijing. This is immediately after the LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen event, which runs from June 25 to 27 in the same venue.

The agenda will cover the latest developments to DPDK and other related projects such as FD.io,* Lagopus,* OvS,* DPVS, Tungsten Fabric,* and SPDK, including plans for future releases. It will provide an opportunity to hear from DPDK users who have used it in their applications.

Registration will be available soon. The link will be posted on the announce@dpdk.org mailing list (subscribe here), the DPDKProject Twitter* account, and the DPDK Events page.

Date: June 28
Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing
Learn more at the DPDK Events page.



DPDK Summit Userspace

The DPDK Summit Userspace event will be take place in The Clayton Hotel, Dublin on September 5 and 6. As in previous years, this is a more in-depth technical event targeted at DPDK software developers. Further details, including registration and CFP links, will be provided closer to the event, and will be communicated on the announce@dpdk.org mailing list, the DPDKProject Twitter account, and the DPDK Events page.

Dates: September 5 and 6
Location: The Clayton Hotel, Dublin
Learn more at the DPDK Events page.



Out of the Box Network Developers Events

Open Source Networking Meetup

The Open Source Networking User Group Bay Meetup will host a meetup on May 18 in San Jose. Details, agenda, and location information can be found on the Open Source Networking User Group Bay Area meetup page.



Out of the Box Network Developers Meetup (Bay Area)

Save the date of May 23 for the Out of the Box Network Developers meetup. The focus will be IoT, AI, and machine learning. Details, agenda, and location information can be found on the Out of the Box Network Developers Meetup page. To attend the meetup virtually live or by replay, visit the Out of the Box Network Developers YouTube* channel.



Intel® Developer Zone Webinar Series

The May Intel Network Developers webinar will be titled "Artificial Intelligence for Telco Powered by Intel," presented by Tong Zhang, Principal Engineer at Intel, on Wednesday, May 30, at 8 am Pacific time. Tong will describe the current landscape and typical use cases of AI applications in the telco domain. Then, she will introduce Intel's strategy and products for Network AI, including its focus areas, its hardware portfolio, software stacks, roadmaps, and some case studies.

Register Here

Previous Intel® Network Developer Zone webinars:

Building Efficient 5G NR Base Stations with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, Flexible Support for New Protocol Processing with DPDK Using Dynamic Device Personalization

Containers Networking: Experience Kits and Technology Overview



ETSI Plugtest* and OPNFV* Plugfest

The third ETSI NFV Plugtests event offers vendors and open source communities an opportunity to meet, collaborate, assess the level of interoperability of their implementations, and verify the correct interpretation of the ETSI NFV specifications.

Dates: May 29 to June 8
Location: ETSI Premises, Sophia Antipolis, France
Learn more on the ETSI website.

The fifth OPNFV Plugfest will be colocated with the ETSI Plugtest event. It will focus on interoperability of the OPNFV platform in deployment, network integration, VNF applications, etc. Both OPNFV members and nonmembers are welcome to attend.

Dates: June 4 to 8
Location: ETSI Premises, Sophia Antipolis, France
Learn more on the Linux Foundation* event page.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News
& Collaboration

Ecosystem Updates

Amdocs* and Intel Host NFV Thought Leadership Workshops in Chile and Argentina

Amdocs* and its Open Network program partner Intel have hosted NFV thought leadership workshops organized by TeleSamana.com* in Chile and Argentina with local service providers. A total of 38 representatives from Claro, Entel, Telefónica, GTD, and WOM have participated in the workshop that took place in Santiago, Chile, and 41 representatives from Claro, Nextel, Telcom, Telefonica, Peronal, Cablevision, Level 3, Arsat, Red Intercable, Catel, iPlan have participated in the workshop that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.* The workshops' objective was to provide service providers in Chile and Argentina an update on network functions virtualization by reviewing aspects such as the evolving NFV ecosystem, involved global standards and open source organizations, and examples of NFV adoption by service providers from across the world.

Learn More



Automated Service Lifecycle Management with MEF 3.0 Architecture by ADVA* and Amartus*

Service providers are undertaking significant steps to lower network operations costs and drive increased network agility. ADVA* and Amartus'* demo, Making End-to-End Service Lifecycle Management Real with MEF's LSO Presto API, reveals how they can reduce service activation and modification times from weeks to minutes, and highlights how MEF 3.0's transformation vision is fundamental to dynamic automated network services.

Learn more in this press release and blog post.



Mettle Networks*

Mettle Networks* will be demonstrating its Elastic Broadband Network Gateway (METTLE eBNG) at Big Communications Event (BCE2018). Its high-performance data plane technology built on Intel hardware and technologies is designed from the ground up to be cloud native and to provide high packet throughput performance demanded by future networks. Its scale out/scale in capabilities and self-healing resiliency on failures will be on display at Booth B520, May 14 to 16, at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

Mettle Networks designs and develops cloud-native IP networking products for the service provider market. Please write to bce2018@mettlenetworks.com for a discussion during the event.

Learn More



Advantech,* ITRI,* and Wind River* Discuss Their MEC solution

Through a collaboration with Advantech* and ITRI,* Wind River* has enabled ITRI to deliver a highly available carrier-grade intelligent mobile edge cloud that minimizes the requirements for mobile backhaul bandwidth while at the same time providing an ultra-low latency edge cloud platform. In this video, representatives from Advantech, ITRI, and Wind River discuss the solution.

Watch the Video



Featured Publications

Silicom* Boosts TLS Speed with Intel® QuickAssist Technology

Intel offers its Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) to accelerate encryption and decryption workloads. To test the impact of Intel QAT on servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Intel worked with Silicom* to demonstrate the performance advantage of Intel QAT in a web server application.

Read the Paper



Self-Optimizing IP/Transport Network

With the rapid introduction of new high-bandwidth services, service providers face significant challenges in delivering services economically and maintaining service level agreements across their complex multivendor, mixed legacy/SDN networks. Sedona's NetFusion* Hierarchical Network Controller provides a pragmatic solution to these challenges, allowing service providers to implement programmable automated service-aware networks to make the most economical use of network resources and to guarantee end-to-end quality for a broad mix of services.

Read the Paper



Tests Show SD-WAN Potential of Lanner* vCPE Platform

Lanner's Intel Atom® Processor C3000-based NCA-2510 offers four-core and eight-core options that are effective for small branch offices; Intel tests show how compute-intensive deep packet inspection (DPI) and IPsec processes can be optimized for these use cases.

Read the Paper



Intel® Select Fast Track Kit for NFVI with Red Hat* Enterprise Linux*

The Intel® Select Fast Track Kit for NFVI with Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* offers ecosystem partners and communication service providers a pathway to shorten their time to market for optimized solutions based on NFVI. Based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the kit is designed as a self-contained NFV infrastructure platform. The Intel Select Fast Track Kit for NFVI includes a configuration of hardware, firmware, and software optimized for essential NFV workloads, performance characterization and optimization tools, demos, and a user guide.

Read the Paper



Intel® Network Builders Program Goes to the "Edge"

This paper provides an overview of the network edge opportunity, the motivations, ecosystem, drivers, benefits, and how the Intel® Network Builders program is evolving to address these. The new Intel Network Builders edge ecosystem aims to reduce development time through verified and optimized solutions, simplify and accelerate ISV/application onboarding processes, and to amplify and promote innovation and leading network edge solutions.

Read the Paper


Social Hub

Social Hub

Catch Up with the Community on Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community have included podcasts from 6WIND* and Advantech,* VMware,* and Intel.

Don't miss these recent and upcoming webinars on the Intel® Network Builders webinar channel:

"Unified Testing and Assurance for All Stages of 5G Evolution: Why It's Critical," with Diego Lozano de Fournas – Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing at Spirent,* on May 3 – Register Now

"The Fastest Path to SD-WAN Success for Service Providers," with Misbah Mahmoodi of VMware,* Kangwarn Chinthammit of VeloCloud,* and Chris Lewis of Dell EMC,* on May 10 – Register Now

"Join the White-Box Revolution," with Paul Stevens, Marketing Director at Advantech,* and Yann Rapaport, VP of Product Management at 6WIND,* on May 15 – Register Now

"Delivering Virtual Services to Enterprises from the Service Provider Cloud," with Sanjay Bhatia, VP Solutions Marketing & Strategy at Ribbon Communications,* and Daniel Teichman, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at Ribbon Communications, on May 22 – Register Now




Join the Conversation on Twitter*

Intel® Network Builders offers a variety of online options for you to reach out to fellow ecosystem members between events. Follow @IntelNetwork on Twitter* or use the Intel Network Builders hashtag, #IntelBuilders. You can also follow industry leaders from Intel via their Twitter handles.

– Sandra L. Rivera, Vice President and General Manager of the Network Platforms Group – @SandraLRivera

– Caroline Chan, Vice President, Network Platforms Group, and General Manager, 5G Infrastructure Division – @CarolineChan5G

– Dan Rodriguez, Vice President, Network Platforms Group, and General Manager, Communications Infrastructure Division – @drod2000

– Lynn Comp, Vice President, Network Platforms Group, and General Manager, Visual Cloud Division – @comp_lynn

– Renu Navale, Senior Director, Network Industry Enabling, Network Platforms Group – @RenuNavale

– Rajesh Gadiyar, Chief Technology Officer, Network Platforms Group – @rgadiyar

– Bryan Madden, Director of Marketing, Network Platforms Group – @maddsey

– Allyson Klein, Director of Marketing, Data Center Group – @TechAllyson

– Chandresh Ruparel, Director of Ecosystem Strategy and Intel® Network Builders – @ChandreshR01

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