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Intel® Network Builders Newsletter
    JANUARY 2017
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What's New?

What's New?


Intel® Network Builders: Looking Ahead into 2017

Chandresh Ruparel Last year the Intel Network Builders program achieved tremendous momentum. We saw our ecosystem continue to grow at a brisk pace—more than 230 total partners have joined our ecosystem—and take advantage of participation opportunities through solution alignment, co-marketing opportunities, and direct engagement with our communication service provider members. As we look ahead into 2017, it is time to build on the progress we've achieved and truly answer the call to transform the network at a broader scale.

Network transformation is an unprecedented opportunity for CommSPs to actually transform their business and meet the demands that the ever-increasing number of connected devices require of their network infrastructures. Successful transformation happens at many different levels within the industry.

First, solutions providers need to galvanize their resources and collaborate in order to accelerate the availability of "cloud-ready," tested, and aligned solutions into the marketplace. Intel Network Builders plays a fundamental role in this solution development phase as a platform in which partners can drive technical innovation, more efficient solution architectures, performance characterization, proofs of concepts, and trials. In 2017, the industry can expect more opportunities to engage with the program at the technical enablement level.

Second, solutions providers and end users alike need to continue ramping their practical and technical knowledge of virtualized network environments in order to expedite the transformation of the network. Last year, the Intel® Network Builders University established itself as a trusted source for training. This year, our community will be able to benefit even more from the university as we work to further increase the depth and breadth of our training curriculum.

And finally, in order for us to see actual traction within the industry, solutions providers delivering ground-breaking innovation need to have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the pain points experienced by our end user community. The Intel Network Builders program will continue, in 2017, to facilitate the channels of communication and collaboration between end users and our vast ecosystem of partners in order to simplify roadmaps of adoption.

To this last point, it is essential to highlight that the Intel Network Builders program was and will continue to be an end user–guided community. In order to expand our reach into the industry and deliver the promise of a seamless, flexible, and agile network, we need to listen to our CommSPs and integrate their real-life adoption experiences into our solution development plans.

There is a lot of good work ahead of us. Intel Network Builders is committed to working closely with our partners and customers, embracing initiatives that drive growth and innovation in the industry and together making 2017 the most successful year yet in accelerating network transformation.

Looking forward to it!
Chandresh Ruparel
Director, Ecosystem Strategy and Enabling



Intel® Network Builders University Launches New Gi-LAN Program and OpenStack* Courses

The Intel® Network Builders University launched a new program this month covering Gi-LAN with four new introductory courses covering fundamentals, architecture, and service function chaining.

In addition to the new Gi-LAN program, Intel Network Builders University is releasing two new courses in the OpenStack* program covering introductory material to cloud and OpenStack concepts. This new content was created by Intel® Network Builders ecosystem member Mirantis* for use in Intel Network Builders University. It is a subset of materials from their larger full-day course on OpenStack. You can check out the new courses from Mirantis here.

Members of the Intel® Builders programs have access to these new courses and all Intel® Builders University training material. To access the material, simply login with existing Intel Builders program credentials and click on the University tab. Those who are not members of an Intel Builders program can create an account here.



Welcome Our New Ecosystem Partners

With more than 230 ecosystem partners, the Intel® Network Builders program continues to grow! We welcome new partners Aptira,* Atos,* Centec Networks (Su Zhou) Co. Ltd.,* Cloudbase Solutions,* Netrolix,* Nocsys,* Qulsar Inc.,* and SS7Ware, Inc.*

To see all our ecosystem members, visit the Ecosystem Partners page and the End User Members page on our website.



Intel Announces Network Services Benchmarking Effort

At the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress* event in October, Intel announced the Network Services Benchmarking (formerly Industry Standard Benchmarking) project. It is a collaborative community effort via OPNFV* Yardstick project to deliver a number of CommSP benefits, including improvements in dynamic workload and capacity planning, TCO modeling, and performance optimization and development of a consistent characterization reference for comparing commercial NFVI and VNF performance. The community effort is aimed at delivering open source tools for NFVI, VNF, and NFV services characterization that includes test harness, test framework, and traffic generator with sample VNFs. Stay tuned for more updates in Q2 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about this effort or contributing, see the OPNFV Yardstick page.



Network Transformation Video Podcast Series Addresses Network Security

This fall, Intel's Network Transformation Video Podcast Series tackled some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities in transforming the network with host Jim St. Leger, Data Plane Software Product Line Manager at Intel. The latest episode, titled "Network Security: Securing the Network Without Sacrificing Performance," covers network security. Addressing the evolving nature of network security and facilitating a smooth transition to NFV can be challenging. Fortunately, advances in technology make it possible to create a network ecosystem capable of managing a wide range of security threats. Watch all eight episodes on our YouTube* playlist or Social Hub. Tune in to find out how your business can benefit from network transformation.

Watch the Video


Technical Spotlight

Technical Spotlight

Technical Training

SDN/NFV Developer Party and Lightning Talks

As 2016 came to a close, Out of the Box Network Developers celebrated a successful year with a developers challenge and competition around SDN and NFV. To begin 2017, the organization will turn the tables at an event where industry members—including Huawei,* Cable Labs,* Citrix,* and Intel—will come to pitch their ideas to the developers and seek their contributions. Register for this event to enjoy an evening of networking, see the winners from the 2016 Devlab competition, and hear lightning pitches from the industry.

For information on this event and how to register, visit the event webpage.

Dates: January 19
Time: 05:30 pm - 09:30 pm
Location: SC9-Auditorium, Garage B, 2250 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA



Enabling Virtualization in SDN and NFV World on Intel® Architecture

Networking has been traditionally entrusted to customized ASICs and vertically integrated software solutions on top of these customized boxes. Virtualizing network functions on commercial off-the-shelf x86-based servers brings its own challenges. Some of those include sharing resources among virtual functions and added software layers of hypervisor, soft switches, etc. before the packet gets onto the network function. This meet up will focus on giving the attendee a flavor of some of the tools and technologies that exist to to resolve some of these issues from the industry and Intel.

Dates: January 25
Time: 10:30 am - 03:00 pm
Location: Hotel Royal Orchid in Bangalore, India



x86-Based Platforms Today in Core and Edge in the SDN World

A recent article from Tech Target* argued that "Network and IT professionals should consider software-based routers for many specific routing requirements. Specific parts of the network that can be in scope for software routing include data center routing, branch routing, and specific edge routing functions.... Router functions that are not currently in the scope of software-based routing include high-performance edge and core routers and routers with support for highly specialized (non-IP, legacy) protocols."

Is this really true? Venky Venkatesan, principal engineer at Intel, the employee who started DPDK, will share his view on the subject and Intel's go-to-market strategy in the data plane processing area.

For information on this event and how to register, visit the event webpage.

Dates: February 23
Time: 05:30 pm - 08:30 pm
Location: SC9-Auditorium, Garage B, 2250 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA




New Additions to Intel® Solutions Blueprints Focus on Cable Industry, Gi-LAN, Security

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is enabling cable operators to provide more flexible services, to deliver these services more quickly, and to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs. Recently, the Intel® Solutions Blueprints webpage expanded to include a new section with resources specific to cable operators, as well as references on Gi-LAN, security, and NFV orchestration.




NFV Orchestration




Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) 16.11 and 17.02 New Features

This webinar will describe the new features introduced in the two most recent DPDK releases: 16.11, which was released in November 2016, and 17.02, which is due for release in February 2017.

Register Now


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News
& Collaboration

Ecosystem Updates

Big Switch Networks* Unveils BigSecure Architecture* for Elastic Cyber-Defense Leveraging DPDK and NFV

Big Switch Networks* has introduced BigSecure Architecture,* a dynamic cyber-defense platform that enables elastic attack mitigation at terabit scale. The BigSecure Architecture is composed of Big Monitoring Fabric Inline,* DPDK-based service nodes for on-demand blocking of malicious flows, and NFV tools that can be elastically provisioned in the event of massive DDoS attacks. The company has also announced new capabilities for cloud and container monitoring, and for dynamic VM monitoring. Big Switch Networks has partnered with Intel, A10,* and Riverbed* in developing these solutions. Read the press release here and a blog here.



Clavister* Publishes Guide for CommSPs on Secure Migration to SDN/NFV

Clavister,* a specialist in high-performance network security, has published a newsletter, "Virtualized Security – The End of Big Iron," a new guide for communications service providers (CommSPs) on how to plan and securely migrate their networks to SDN/NFV to gain maximum strategic and operational benefits.

Clavister's guide shows how CommSPs can overcome the challenges of maintaining performance and scalability, network interoperability, and supporting core applications while ensuring a smooth migration path and scalability from proof of concept to commercial deployments.



NetNumber* Delivers Robocalling Services to Help Operators Block Unwanted Calls from Reaching Consumers

NetNumber* recently announced it has developed new Robocalling Services working with several telecom operators in the US, including Verizon.* So-called robocalls come from spoofed phone numbers impersonating phone numbers from government offices, banks, and other firms. As calls can now be routed over IP (Internet Protocol), it becomes more difficult to block these calls. These new Robocalling Services are available in the NetNumber TITAN* Centralized Routing Engine (CRE) application.

NetNumber TITAN, a robust centralized signaling and routing control (CSRC) platform, provides a common, virtualized infrastructure for all signaling control, routing policy enforcement, and subscriber database services in the network. The TITAN platform recently received the Best Core Network Product award at the 5G and LTE North America conference. Learn more about these new services in the press release.



Open Source, End-to-End MEF CE 2.0 Service Provisioning with NFV Overlay PoC from Amartus,* Cisco,* and Cloudify*

Amartus,* Cisco,* and Cloudify* demonstrated the use of MEF-defined lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) architecture and interfaces at the MEF16 show in Baltimore from November 7 to 10. The demonstration spotlighted the benefits of agile, automated service provisioning in hybrid, multivendor networks, and it showcased the combined advantages of LSO, SDN, and NFV while leveraging fully open source–based components. Learn more about the demonstration in this blog post.



Featured Publications

Software-Defined WAN Increases Agility and Lowers Hardware Costs for CommSPs

SD-WAN can accelerate time to market for new services, lower total cost of ownership, scale service offerings in real time, and simplify support and operations. Versa Networks* has turned the concept of SD-WAN running on Intel® processor-based white boxes into a reality for communications service providers.

Read the Paper



Tieto* and Intel Future-Proof Legacy Mobile Signaling Systems

Tieto* and Intel have partnered to deliver a virtualized solution to communications service providers (CommSPs) who face challenges rolling out new 4G/LTE mobile signaling systems. These systems must keep up with the exploding demands of 4G/LTE mobile data users, while also managing the gradual decline of legacy 2G/3G systems that are still prevalent across the globe.

Read the Paper


Social Hub

Social Hub

Catch Up with the Community on Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community have included podcasts from Wipro,* ADVA Optical Networking,* and HPE.*

Don't miss these webinars from our ecosystem:

"Iricent APNOS – Software Defined LAN using OpenDaylight," with Damian Murray, Sales Director, and Rory Mac Hale, CTO, Iricent* – Register Now

"What's New In Red Hat's Cloud Infrastructure Stack," with George Drapeau Director, Partner Solutions & Technology, Red Hat* – Watch Now

"Intel and Affirmed Networks: The Journey Towards Cloud Native Network Functions," with Petar Torre, Intel, and Ron Parker, Afirmed Networks* – Watch Now



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Intel® Network Builders offers a variety of online options for you to reach out to fellow ecosystem members between events. Follow @IntelNetwork on Twitter* or use the Intel Network Builders hashtag, #IntelBuilders.

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